University Pioneers


10 mei 2023
13:15 - 15:00

Brainstorm Honours session

Are you a first-generation student? During our last meeting some students talked about also being enrolled in honors education. We also talked about how this might seem unobtainable. UP is organizing a session on the 10th of May (13:30-15:00) on the inclusivity or is it exclusivity of honors education. The session will be attended by teachers from the honors program and We are looking for students who are currently not in the honors program and who are willing to share their thoughts/opinions on the program (e.g. do you think it’s exclusive, does the program have a reputation, etc.). The goal is to learn how to not make the honors program unnecessarily exclusive. Please send us an email on if you are available and open to join! We really need your input. The format is going to be a bit of a brainstorm session where different groups discuss possible exclusive elements of the program. Best, Chahida

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Are you a staff member?

On May 10th we are hosting a brainstorm session for staff members of the UU with first generation students on the Honours Community Day. Staff members can sign up here:
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Inclusivity vs. Exclusivity, 13:30 -15:00

To what extent should we aspire to make the honours programmes as inclusive as possible? Is that actually possible? During this session we will talk about a possible balance between inclusiveness and exclusivity. The aim is to find out how inclusive the
honours programmes could be and how non-honours students perceive the programmes. The session offers insights into possible exclusionary mechanisms, the perception students have of honours education and to what extent there is room to make honours education more inclusive.

Hosted by Chahida Bouhamou – Leader of various projects for (future) First Generation Students

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