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What is UP-Community?

University Pioneers is a UU community aimed at students who are among the first in their families to enter higher education. UP distinguishes itself by offering first-generation students a community consisting of UU students and staff, as well as role models from outside that UU, all of whom are or have been first-generation students. The UP Community builds on U-talent’s UP programme, which prepares future first-generation high school students for their transition to university and reduces the risk of dropping out in the first year.

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I’m in!

"I feel very much at home on campus, but that is because I have had the time to get to know the people behind the institute and they me too."

- Chahida Bouhamou, project leader UP

In februari 2023 is het nieuwe programma University Pioneers Community van start gegaan. Er zullen binnenkort een hoop activiteiten aan de agenda worden toegevoegd. Ook zal het mentorprogramma van start gaan. Heb je in de tussentijd een tip of suggestie over hoe we het programma van UP-Community verder kunnen invullen? Je kan contact met ons opnemen via projectleider Chahida Bouhamou ( of via

Tip or suggestion?

The new University Pioneers Community programme was launched in February 2023. A lot of activities will soon be added to the calendar. The mentoring programme will also be launched. In the meantime, do you have a tip or suggestion on how we can further flesh out the UP-Community programme? You can contact us through project leader Chahida Bouhamou ( or at

Monthly newsletter

Together with pupils and students associated with UP, we publish a monthly newsletter about all the fun activities and events for and by first-generation students. In the UP-date, pupils and students regularly share their experiences and interests. Would you like to be informed about all UP events ?

"First-generation students are pioneers. On their own, they bridge gaps and bring worlds together in the process."

- Charisma Hehakaya,

founder of the First-Generation Fund

What does the First Generation Fund offer?

The First Generation Fund offers grants to first-generation students at Utrecht University. Tthey can apply for a contribution for various requests for help, such as laptop, training for teaching skills or study or research stays abroad.

Other initiatives

There are several initiatives at Utrecht University aimed at first-generation students:

  • U-talent UP
  • Honours Trajectum Utrecht
  • KICK Start UMC Utrecht

Age: 28
Residence: Utrecht
Study: Medicine
Year of study: third-year
Age: 21
Residence: Utrecht
Study: Public Administration
Year of study: fifth-year

Who are they?

First-generation students are pioneers. On their own, they bridge gaps and bring worlds together in the process. Want to know more about the different profiles?

Reading list

Want to know more about first-generation students? Take a look here for all articles and research published:

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