University Pioneers

Contributing to UP

Would you like to contribute to the UP Community? There are several ways to do so. You can become part of the community as a student, alumni or external as:

An ambassador acts as a role model for first-generation students who has a positive impact on the talent development of first-generation students. For example, an ambassador gives workshops or shares example stories or life experiences for inspiration at large. An ambassador is also the face of the UP programme to the outside world.

A mentor is a informal contact point with individual attention for the (prospective) first-generation student and refers to the student advisor, tutor, etc. The mentor shares his/her experiences with regard to the approach to studying, orienting towards the future and making choices and ensures the transfer of practical knowledge. The mentor is a person who has an affinity with first-generation students, with whom the student can identify. This identification comes about partly through similarities when it comes to personal interests, characteristics and/or preferences (e.g. hobbies, cultural background, field of study, etc.).

*In order to be a mentor or ambassador for a first-generation student, you yourself do not have to be one of the first in your family to pursue higher education.