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One of UP-Community’s goals is to create awareness about the ins and outs of first-generation students. Are you interested in advice on diversity, inclusion and equality in your association or school? Chahida has extensive experience in inclusive education and teaching. During a counselling session, it is possible to share your own personal experiences and doubts and discuss different approaches together.

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Inclusive teaching is an ongoing process that will not happen overnight, but rather is a cycle that involves reflection. This workshop will give teachers ideas and tools to start or continue making teaching more inclusive.

Why focus on diversity and inclusion?

  • Promote equality – equal opportunities, treat everyone as equally valuable people
  • Recognise the importance of diversity – need for role models
  • Be inclusive – avoid micro-aggressions (“death by a thousand papercuts”)

This workshop is suitable for all secondary school teachers. It does not matter whether you are a maths teacher or a social studies teacher. After all, inclusive teaching is cross-curricular. In this workshop, you and your colleagues will work in a safe setting with cases from your own practice, which you will analyse with the help of a reflection tool in order to come to an appropriate action. This tool gives teachers tools to act in sensitive classroom situations related to D&I. In this process, you will be supported by the two teachers hosting the workshop.