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11 mei 2023

Panelgesprek Imposter syndrome – Wellbeing week

Do you sometimes feel like a fraud? Do you experience a nagging voice in the back of your head that tells you that you can be exposed at any moment and that people around you have an exaggerated view of your abilities? Are you constantly downplaying your achievements? Welcome to the Imposter Syndrome.

Some good news: you are not alone. Around a third of young people suffer from this. All the more reason to get familiar with it. During a panelconversation with (experience) experts we will discuss why people suffer from Imposter Syndrome, offer tips and tricks and hopefully also some recognition.

Confirmed speaker: Milio van der Kamp

Milio van de Kamp is a lecturer in Interdisciplinary Social Science at the University of Amsterdam. He himself was once also the first in his family to study. He went through almost all layers of the school system to finally end up at university – a place where he did not feel at home for a very long time. Now a teacher himself, he is keen to help the current group of first-generation students get started. In his book Misschien moet je iets lager mikken (EN: Maybe you should aim a bit lower), Milio uses his own experiences to talk about the impact of poverty and inequality of opportunity. Alienation from your family, not feeling fully at home anywhere, high debt and depression. Again and again, he runs up against the stigmas surrounding poverty. This book is not a praise to the idea that you can achieve anything if you try hard enough. However, it is a recognition of the unimaginable resilience of people who are confronted with their unequal starting position in life from an early age. Click here for an interview with Milio.

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